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On 31 of October, 1981, in Kiev Cruising Yacht-Club (Ukraine) the yacht “Gonta” was launched. It took the crew three years and three months to build the boat. That included not just the hull and deck only but each and every piece of hardware too.
Ballast keel, rudder, mast, blocks, winches – you name it - all were made by us.


Since that day onward “Gonta” is a familiar sight on many competitions,
domestic and international alike.

Gonta in Fremantle

“Gonta” in Fremantle. Western Australia, May 1991.

Broken Mast - Kalbarri

Tough times… Broken mast near Kalbarri, Western Australia.
April 1991.

Indian Ocean en route to Cocos

Indian Ocean. En-route to Cocos Islands. September 1992.

Cocos Archipelago

Direction Island – one of the islands of Cocos Archipelago. A must see for all the yachtsmen!

Gonta plaque

All the yachts visiting Cocos Islands leave a memorial plaque.

Gonta in Ukraine

Yacht “Gonta” as she looks 28 years since the first launch.
In race on river Dnepr. Kiev, Ukraine. July, 2009.

More information about the yacht and her crew can be found here:

Read the book about the yacht "Gonta" online. (Russian language only)

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