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Yacht “Fazisi”

In 1988 a group of dedicated yachtsmen from the then Soviet Union came to realise their dream to participate in the Whitbread Round the World Race.
Given the magnitude of the project, shortage of time available (only nine months left before the start!) and lack of experience in building a yacht for such an event,  the decision was made to find people who were experienced in both yacht racing and boat building. The initial group were found in the Kiev Cruising Yacht-club, Ukraine. These people became the pivotal hub for the whole project from the very beginning.

The boat was built in town of Poti, Georgia, on the Black sea. Here are some pictures taken during the construction of the boat.

A lot of information about this boat and her crew is available on the Internet.
Here are a few links:


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Fazisi.pdf - Russian language only

Happy time! Building a dream.
Poti, Georgia. February, 1989.

“Fazisi” under the full sails.
April, 1990.

Cape Horn is abeam!
March, 1990.

Leaving Cape Horn behind. Till next time…
March, 1990.

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